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Pain Relief Testimonials

Knee pain and Anxiety

I was having right knee pain for about six months since I fell on the basketball court. My family doctor gave me pain pills and muscle relaxer. Although they did help to alleviate the pain, I still experienced some sporadic twitches in my knee,
especially whenever I exercised. Dr. Tong worked his ethereal magic,teaching me how to do knee exercise to incorporate the treatment. Just one section, I felt only slight pain left, after second section, my knee pain has completely gone! Amazing!! I wish I found Dr. Tong earlier! It is so wonderful not to have this nagging pain!

Due to work stress, I was having trouble falling asleep at night for a period of two months and I felt fatigue and could not concentrate during the work. Dr. Tong treated me with acupuncture and herbal medicine. I had much better sleep the first night after treatment and felt fresh next morning! Now I can fall asleep in a few minutes and sleep soundly through all night!”

——— Scott Murphy, Plano TX

Neck and Should Pain

For the past a couple years, my neck and shoulder muscles were so tight and painful that I could not get relief no matter what I tried. My aggressive massage therapist could not undo the tension or make much progress. Finally, I was referred to Dr. Tong for acupuncture treatment, and my muscles began to respond and soften with the very first treatment(I have to say, Dr. Tong’s acupuncture is no pain at all) After several visits, my muscles loosened, the pain and tension that I had felt for years was finally gone.

——— Michelle Walter, IT Marketing, Frisco TX

Lower back pain

Dr. Tong is knowledgeable and adept at his practice of acupuncture. I had suffered severe lower back pain after moving my heavy furniture. the MRI reported that I had bulging disc in L4 and L5. I could hardly move. I had two times steroid shots plus physical therapy, slightly helped. The doctor want to do surgery, that is not my option! I decided to give acupuncture a try. Dr. Tong treated me with acupuncture plus electricity stimulation, I felt immediately relieved right after the first section! Unbelievable !! Additionally I felt my L4,L5 area not tight anymore. after about 5
sections, I was able to back to work! even thought I did not fully understand how the Chinese acupuncture works but it did save me a surgery!

——— Tony Lee Musician, McKinney TX

Infertility Testimonials

IVF Support

I had infertility problem for about three years. I got the referred from a friend of mine who got pregnant with the help of Dr. Yanhong Ren(twin daughters!) Before and during my IVF procedure, I received acupuncture treatment once a week that helped me reduce anxiety and agitation, and manage stress. I always felt very relaxed after each treatment. The combination of two months of acupuncture and just one IVF made me become PREGNANT! They worked on me too! My adorable healthy daughter is one year old now! I could not thank you enough Dr. Ren!

——— Laurie Tu Carrollton TX

IUI Support

I had been trying to conceive for at least 4 years. My friend kept telling me to see Dr. Yanhong Ren, but I was so hesitant and skeptical after failed numerous times by other acupuncturists. Finally, after we were told by the RE that there was no hope and that I might never be able to get pregnant, we go and see Dr. Ren.

I had cried in the first visit. Dr. Ren was very kind and straight forward in her plans and expectations of diet and lifestyle modifications. We combined his acupuncture therapy with another cycle of injectables and IUI. After just two months, we found out I was pregnant! We were elated however, I had bleeding and was told I could miscarry. To help with preventing a miscarriage, Dr. Ren put me on strict diet and activity modification. I visited Dr. Ren once sometimes twice weekly to help with the bleeding. After each session, the bleeding would slow down. We were so afraid we were going to loose our baby, However with her acupuncture treatments and meticulous care, the baby got stronger and stronger and the bleeding stopped.

We are so blessed to have Dr. Ren and my friend to have come into our lives, otherwise we would not have our little baby girl with us today.

——— Kate Smith Dallas TX

PCOS and Frozen Embryo Transfer

I want to tell everybody about Dr. Yanhong Ren’s acupuncture treatment that helped me to conceive. I am 36 years old and suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and I had failed IUIs three times in a row. and then I failed my first two IVF. I was going to try frozen embryo transfer next. My doctor referred me to Dr. Ren to combine acupuncture this time. Dr. Ren spent time to listen my story, and she is very patient and answered all of my questions quite professionally. In six weeks, before my transfer, I had ten sessions of acupuncture with her, This time, I success! I was pregnant! I owe many thanks to you Dr. Ren. I am lucky to have found her.

——— Anna L. Ford The colony, TX

Natural Conceived by Acupuncture Treatment

I came to see Dr. Ren because of my mother, she is a loyal patient of both Dr. Ren and Dr. Tong. Due to too long time’s use of birth control pills, my menstrual cycle only come 2-3 time a year. irregularly and with scanty amount. I do not ovulate. My husband and I tried to have baby for many years, sometimes we thought just adopt one.

After two months acupuncture treatment(once per week), my period came unexpectedly with 3 days bleeding! I felt overall healthier, sleep sounder, calmer than before. The following six months, my cycle was quite regular while I still do acupuncture twice a month. Then Dr. Ren asked me taking a break for two months, just before I re-start acupuncture with her, I got pregnant! Thank you very much Dr.Ren!

I like her acupuncture (no pain at all), her advises of diet and activities. I definitely recommend Dr. Ren to anybody! As a matter of fact, my Gyn doctor has asked me to get some her business cards and I did!

——— Alice Chung Plano TX


My chronic headache has tortured me since I was 45 years old. I have through all the tests and found nothing. my neurologist prescribe me two medications, I took them for about two years. they did help, but still have pain in my head, especially in the late morning or when I am tired, and side effect of the drugs is enervating me quite bit. Finally the doctor referred me to Dr. Yanhong Ren. Dr. Ren checked my pause and tongue, asked my history. She used about ten needles each section, after about 3 acupuncture treatment, my headache stopped! I sleep much better too. I continued visiting Dr. Ren for 16 more sections (two time a month)to strengthen the result. now I am totally headache free, drugs free! I feel very grateful to Dr. Ren!

——— Jenifer Wilson Carrollton TX


I had suffered allergies since my childhood. In the past few years it has gotten worse and worse. Every year starting in March, my eye itching, tearing, throat itching, nose running and congested. I have tried all kinds of over the counter anti-ellergy medicine, it did not work. I went to see my primary doctor. my doctor recommend me to see Dr. Yanhong Ren without any hesitation, saying herself got relieved of allergy from Dr. Ren.

The first acupuncture was amazing! as soon as she put two needles around my nose( not hurt, that surprised me as well), my nose opened and clear up! after the third treatment, my allergy symptoms had completely gone! Dr. Ren still asked me to continue had acupuncture for another eight sections, now three months past, I am free, free from allergy!

Not only my allergy had gone, but my fatigue, my fitful sleep and my anxiety! I felt that I am completely a new person! I did not have this kind of feeling for twenty years! Thank you very much Dr. Ren, you are amazing !

——— Rachel Cohen Plano TX

Anxiety Stress Depression

Anxiety and insomnia

I feel grateful to Dr. Yanhong Ren! She helped me completely relieved from anxiety!

As a computer programmer, my job is quite stressful, especially after my company laying off people, everybody got craze, and workload was overwhelming. I gradually had hard time to sleep, my mind just not shut down when I went to bed. I also wake up a couple of times during the night and hard to back to sleep, thinking about next day’s job. my family were suffering because of my irritable temper.

My family doctor want to put me on prescription drug, I did not like it because I knew it will be addictive, I have seen many people take that medicine for whole life. One of my college referred me to Dr. Ren.

Dr. Ren put about ten needles on my head, arms and legs, no pain at all, with the nice music, I fell asleep during the first treatment! Dr. Ren also recommend Chinese herbal formula(formula A). The first night I fell asleep in about ten minutes, I did not remember I had turned my body and sleep straight to the morning!

I continue to visit Dr. Ren for acupuncture about 7 more sections, I felt I already recovered, my anxiety had gone!

If you want to heal or prevent anxiety, I definitely recommend you to see Dr. Ren, she is a real acupuncture pro!

P.S. Dr. Ren also heal my wrist pain (carpal tunnel) while treating anxiety.

——— Larry King Richardson TX

Anxiety and Vomiting

What a mirulous result! definitely credit to Dr. Tong!

My son was high school junior when he started seeing Dr. Tong. he had unexplained vomiting in the every morning. GI specialty doctor described drugs, it help some but not completely. A friend of mine recommend us to Dr. Jianting Tong. Scaring about the needles and skeptical to the result, my son was hesitate. quite ironically, the acupuncture treatment was not painful at all! after the first section, the next day morning there was no vomiting, just a little bit nausea. once a week acupuncture plus Chinese herbs “Formula A” for about one month, the vomiting had stopped completely! now the GI doctor has withdrawn the prescription medicine, and he is fine!

Dr. Tong explained to us that my son had anxiety, in Chinese medicine is liver qi stagnation over control the spleen. High school stress developed anxiety, long enough cause digestive symptom–vomiting. I do not much about Chinese medicine, that does not matter, it works! My son like that herbs, saying it help him calm down and can concentrate better on school study.

——— Josh Townsand, Frisco, TX

Digestive disorders

Heart burn and acid reflux

I have been taking Prilosec for heartburn about ten years. digestion always is my issue: acid reflux, burning chest pain, stomach bloating, gases, diarrhea or constipated. Dr. Jianting Tong listened my story patiently, and answered all my questions professionally. He put few needles around my navel(no pain, that was surprised me) and some in legs and arms. He also gave me herbs, gave me some diet suggestions. Just three days after the first acupuncture, my burning chest pain much relieved, and I don’t have much acid! Now I have through 6 six sections total over a month period of time, I few fine, finally get over Prilosec, get over heartburn! my sleep much improved too, I feel much more energy each day! I have referred everybody in my office to Dr. Tong.

——— Sam Richardson, Plano TX